Grand Tour of Burgundy 15th May only two places left

Five day Burgundy tour May 2017

We have arranged a five day burgundy tour from London departing May 15th with a one night stopover in Champagne.
At present there are two places available for two couples.
Please note the the tour is fully inclusive of all meals and drinks. The only additional cost is any wines you purchase from the producers
If interested then please email Gerard, for further detail.

New Members

We would like to welcome the following who have recently joined the Club.
George Porter; Tony Ryan; Michele Lucarotti; Robert Weldon-Gamble; Rachel Hayler; James Giles; Ian Giles; Graham Watkins; Jan Watkins; Russell Beswick; Iain Meek; John Branch; Nigel Free.

Latest news

On Thursday 6th January we were at Le Beaujolais and Tuesday 10th January at the Phoenix Palace for two wonderful events.
Unfortunately numbers were not as high as we would have liked due to the ongoing problems on Southern rail and LUL however everyone who was there had a marvelous time and we shall return to these Caveaux soon.
On Wednesday 1st February 60 people made their novice sabrage at Smith & Wolensky. An endless supply Perrier Jouet and some fantastic seafood made it a night to remember.

Your monthly news & updat


Caveaux de Sabrage. We are pleased to announce that the Waldorf Astoria Hotel-The Caledonian, Edinburgh has rejoined the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or.

The Ritz Hotel, 150 Piccadilly, London, has announced that it is joining the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or in January 2017 as an International Caveau.

Details of events and openings of these and the New Forest Hotels as well as Fonab Hotel and Spa, Pitlochry will follow shortly.

Cassandra Charles-Bagott is appointed a Maître-Sabreur and accredited to the UK Embassy Caveau with effect from the 7th December.  Franck Bruyère, pictured on right, is appointed a Maître-Sabreur and the Maître de Caveau Waldorf Astoria Hotel-The Caledonian, Edinburgh with effect from 13th December.

New Members: We welcome the following to the Order and the Club – Nigel Free, Iain Meek, Graham and Jan Watkins.

Autumn Dinner at The Institute of Directors

We held our 33e Chapitre and Dinner at this famous establishment.

 Our intronisations were

Chevaliers– Robert and Hazel Morrow, Alexander Price, Christopher Hibbert, Paul Dennis, Catherine Nicoll, and David Hudson

Officiers – Diana Furlonger, Tim Moore, David Cutler, Gillian Kendall

Commandeurs – Ann Rundle, George Avory and Kevin Boyle

Grand Commandeur, Judy Tayler-Smith sabraged  and were duly invested by Philippe Brugnon.

A splendid dinner was arranged by Serge Pradier who also became a Chevalier.

See all of the photographs here.


New Members

New Members in August
We Welcome
Mike and Agnes Cronin
Harry and Sally Shaw
as Sabreur members this month
Order of The Golden Sabre. To be Chevaliers of the Order with effect from 14th September: Harry and Sally Shaw.
To be a Commander of the the Order with effect from 14th September: Officer Craig Bancroft.
The above named are also intronised in their ranks of the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or at the Chapitre held at Northcote, Lancashire on that date.

Latest news

The following are appointed Chevaliers of the Order with effect from 29th July 2016: Mike Clare, Anthony Cox, Glynn Jones, Rob Ledward-Smith, Rowena Patrick, Audrey Smith. The above were duly intronised into the rank of Chevalier-Sabreur de la Confrérie du Sabre d’Or at the Chapitre held on that date at Danesfield House Hotel. Appointments: Anthony Cox and Rob Ledward-Smith are appointed Maître-Sabreurs with effect from 29th July 2016. Officier Robin Shuckburgh has retired from the appointment of Connétable Oxford & Gloucester with effect from 1st August 2016. Chevalier Michael Shepherd is appointed Connétable of the counties of Berkshire & Buckinghamshire with effect from 29th July 2016. New Members. We welcome the following to the Confrérie Club (UK) John Brown, Prem Goyal OBE, Glynn Jones, Tony Lofts, Nicholas Somers and Cliff Sturt,


Officier Stefan Otto is re-appointed a Maître-Sabreur and attached to the Caveau Hotel “41”;  at 41 Buckingham Palace Road SW1

New Members. We are pleased to welcome Carol and Stephen Braund, Peter Lobban and Darrell Stacey who joined recently.