All members will need to pay their annual subscriptions on or soon after 1 January 2014. Those members who already have Standing Orders need take no further action. They will receive acknowledgement from us of this automatic transfer.
Standing Orders can be set up by you directly if you have electronic banking. If you set this up during the last few weeks of this year it will be greatly appreciated. Please inform us if you have now done this and we will acknowledge receipt of your subscription in January when it occurs.
Members who continue to pay on demand either by cheque or by bank transfer will receive the request, but only once, the reminder – one month later will be final. When the Embassy office re-opens at the beginning of March, any failure to renew will be considered a resignation and the members’ names will be removed from the club register.
Subscriptions 2014: Commissioned Members (Chevaliers and above) £60 (including ‘cotisation’ payable to the HQ Grand Council); Sabreur Members £35.
Caveau Membership is £100 pa, which also includes the Maître’s subscription in the UK and worldwide and as a commissioned member.
There is a rejoining fee of £10 payable by lapsed members who rejoin.
[Note: Some members whose original annual subscription fell due in the last three months of this year have already paid that and next year’s full subscription together. We acknowledge this and apologise in advance for the ‘round robin’ request herein, which clearly doesn’t apply in their circumstances]

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year