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Promotions and Appointments

Promotions and Appointments
To be a Chevalier with effect from 1st April 2016 – Jeffrey Bines, who was also made a Chevalier-Sabreur of the Confrerie du Sabre d’Or.
To be Chevaliers with effect from 8th April 2016 –
Richenda Carey, Richard Christou, Tassoula Christou, David Crane, John Foley, Christopher Herron, Ian Jones, Ann Lazenby, David Lazenby CBE, Helen Meenan, John Nunneley, Henry Peacock, Ian Tough and Fenja Zimmermann.
The following Chevaliers are promoted to Officers of The Order with effect from 8th April 2016:
Caroline Arculus, Robin Arculus, Jonathan Curran, Nikki Curran, Isabelle Deniee and William Parker Dean.
The following Officers are promoted to Commanders of The Order with effect from 8th April 2016:Peter Alvey, David Rundle and Adrian Smith.
The following Commanders are promoted to Knight Commander of The Order with effect from 8th April 2016:
Nathan Evans, Jolyon Griffiths and Peter Richards.
The above named were also intronised in their respective ranks of La Confrerie du Sabre d’Or at the 32e Chapitre held at The Langham London
The following are appointed Maitre-Sabreurs with effect from 8th April:
Shari Casey and Fenja Zimmermann.